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Choose our family owned and operated interior decorating business that's been serving the area since 1996. You'll love your custom shades, drapes, bedding, upholstery, shutters, and blinds in all the latest styles. Let us provide a FREE in home estimate!

 •  Father David does measure and install

 •  Son Matt does custom work

 •  Daughter Kasia is the designer

 •  Have help choosing fabrics and designs

 •  Sewing and upholstery by Matt

 •  Everything is done in-house

From consultation to installation, our family owned business does it all!

You're welcome to visit our showroom and see our work, and products. You're provided luxury fabrics and brand name products that deliver convenience and energy efficiency. You'll love your custom, finished window treatments, bedding, and upholstery.

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Choose from luxury fabrics to create your custom draperies. You can also bring us your own material. Depending on the type it can be lined to block out more sunlight and create a more energy-efficient product. Stylish hardware is the perfect finish, learn more about this service!

Let us create custom draperies and provide stylish hardware

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